About Us

Facetime Beauty Lounge, LLC is a consumer focused day spa that promotes healthy skin, self-care and provides eyelash/brow enhancement services. FBL was founded by St. Petersburg natives Michael Vega and Jamie McClendon. Michael is a licensed Esthetician and Microblade Artist, graduating from Loraine’s Academy in 2014. Jamie, Director works in county government and is a certified spa junkie.

Michael is a wife, boy mom and beauty enthusiast. She enjoys cooking, working on home improvement projects and spending time with her family. She inherited her strong work ethic from her mother, a single parent and resilient woman who instilled in her hard work, discipline and ambition. 

Michael’s passion for the beauty industry started early. Growing up, she discovered she had the gift of creativity; which was expressed through drawing, fashion, make-up and decorating. After working several years in the beauty industry Michael desired creative control over her career and the ability to create a workplace environment that was inspiring and supportive of its staff.

Jamie who is affectionately called Tori by friends and family is married to her best friend Wade. Together they have two adult daughters and an exceptional dog named Max. Jamie’s favorite pastime is fellow-shipping, event planning, reading, or loafing at the spa. Her fastidious nature, attention to detail and natural gift of hospitality is reflective in the Lounges’ vibe and embedded in their brand.

They collectively recognized the pain points in the current market and resolved to create solutions that would improve client satisfaction, increase value and revive the dying art of customer service. Their vision for FBL was to create an environment that was soothing to the senses, relaxing, and restorative for their clients as well a positive and productive workplace for their staff.

They delight in providing the highest level of customer care and in using superior products with proven reputation to yield desired results. At FBL they share the belief when you look good you feel good and become the best version of yourself.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Facetime Beauty Lounge

4101 5th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL 33713